A Chance To Change The World We Wanted To Do Something That Would Be Great
For the past four and half years me and my team have been working on what we feel could change so many lives and the future of the world. Creating a system that would help as many people in different ways.
We had requirements and guidelines that we wanted and had to meet , A security system and to protect privacy. The time that the app has to get and give the results had to be meet Federal guidelines (HIPAA and THE DOT.) The App has is the most high tech solutions ever put together to be able to test a person for Drug and/or Alcohol use.
This is how the App works when the (scanning) testing:
It is self taking, so there is no need to push the screen or any buttons.
The app will detect any drug that alters the Brain.
The app will only detect if someone has used drugs or alcohol, 3½ up to 6 hours before being tested. So by doing this with the app, we have made it possible for the monitoring Marijuana in the areas that it is legal to, have, smoke, sell and or buy.
A person would not be able to beat this test like they did in the past with, using
Where and How The App Can Be Used

Testing Employee’s In The Work-Place
The App is an amazing tool to have in almost every work environment and has the potential to save company’s a lot of time and money.
When it comes to pre-employment drug testing and conducting random drug testing, within seconds you have results and can email them to your human resources department.
There is no time lost from an employee having to leave to go to a testing facility, unless the scan comes back as (abnormal), then you may choose to send them to a testing facility. The App is intended to help keep your Employees drug free in the work-place.
States That Have Legalized Or Are Considering Legalizing Marijuana.
The App has the potential to help any State that is thinking about the legalization of marijuana for recreational and or medical. Having the ability to monitor and monitor at anytime or anywhere, by anyone who needs to take a scan of someone to see if the are on a mind altering drug or alcohol.
This is one of the most important things that was a key factor in keeping children off drugs and alcohol. Just the fact the your child knows that their Parent(s) have the app on
People On Health & Welfare
People wishing to be able to continue getting services could be requested to use the mobile app.
The App is being used by the Law Enforcement community
The technology of the App has been used by Doctors and Law Enforcement starting in the 1940’s and with the advancement of science, software and technology, we at Eye Scan Inc have made it possible for Law Enforcement to have an amazing tool to help keep our roads and communities safer. The number of States, City and County Police that are using the App grows daily. It has helped a great deal to establish probable cause and reduce drug use in public areas.
Establishing probable cause that is recorded by a photo of the person being questioned or who may be on parole or probation.
Parole and Probation Officers will have the ability to have their clients do self scans 24 hours a day. This will save time and money for both the Officer and Client.